Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creed - Silver Mountain Water (1995) Fragrance Review

Creed's Silver Mountain Water is a fragrance that doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Amongst its brothers, it and Himalaya are the odd ducks out. Being the new kid on the block, Aventus naturally has stolen much of the limelight the other Creed children have been enjoying for so many years. Luckily for me, I decided to give it some attention and am happy I've done so.

Ever since this new round of Creed splits have started, I got quite a few samples of Silver Mountain Water, Himalaya, and the other front-runners for testing. I decided to carry around a few samples with me everywhere I go in case I forget to apply something as I step out. I had Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir as well as Creed's SMW. I wore them both a few times but have been wearing SMW more as here in California it has been warming up quite a bit and not soon enough. Summertime is for fruitful entanglements, fun in the sun, and water sports. Why not wear a watery scent that does EXCELLENT in the heat and get in some compromising situations with someone you love, or might know the name of?

Throughout the past few weeks I've been testing random fragrances getting a feel for what I wanted to review next, always with Pom Noir and SMW in my pocket in case I forgot to apply. After a few days I realized I made a poor decision on my fragrance. I jetted to the closest washroom, washed my wrists, wet a towel and rubbed the fragrance off my neck and applied SMW. Success and crisis averted. A few days later the same thing happened and I pulled a Bill O'Reilly. "Do it Live" were the words on my mind as I layered SMW on top of Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche which is one of my favorite summer scents. I went on my merry way with SMW paving the path to excellence, confidence, and silky-smoothness.

In the beginning of my whiff I get a smooth creamy vibe reminiscent of a mix of Creed's Millesime Imperial and Atelier's Orange Sanguine. As the fragrance dries down I get a little bit of a dry tobacco that reminds me of the drydown of Versace's Dreamer. Don't fret haters of the Dreamer, it is far from prominent as this Creed develops throughout it's short-lived stay.

All in all, Creed's Silver Mountain Water is one of the best Creeds I have smelled and trust me, I have smelled a lot.

Longevity: 4-6hours
Projection: Mild-Moderate
Scent: 9.5
X-Factor: 10

Overall Rating (out of 10): 9.0

"Thank you for refreshing this otherwise boring party, sir"
"No doubt, I'm the boss."
"Won't you stay, Silver Mountain Water?"
"Nah, that ain't me."
"I'm pretty sure you said you're the Man from the Silver Mountain."


  1. Not worth the price they ask for. Smells too similar to CK 1.

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